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At Serra Honda Grandville (formerly RiverTown Honda) Honda, we truly care about our customers beyond our dealership lot. We're proud to offer a wide variety of safe vehicles, including many new models equipped with Honda Sensing®. This advanced suite of safety and driver assist features is paired with passive safety features such as the ACE Body Structure, advanced system of airbags, and Front Seat Belt Pretensioner and Load Limiter. Thanks to Honda's various safety innovations, drivers are safer than ever! Explore the Honda Sensing features below, and stop by our dealership where one of our helpful sales people would be happy to show you in person.

Cruise control

Can you imagine driving with cruise control on without the worry of a collision with vehicles ahead of you? Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a convenience feature that can help you be more safe on the road and is available on select models with the Honda Sensing® Suite. If you drive through Grand Rapids traffic regularly, this is a feature you won't want to live without. Vehicles equipped with ACC use sensors at the front of the vehicle to detect vehicles ahead and will automatically adjust the speed or brake as needed, based on your set driving speed and following distance.

Braking system

This feature uses the Forward Collision Warning technology before deploying to help avoid rear-end collisions. The Forward Collision Warning will audibly alert you of slower moving vehicles ahead so you can adjust your speed. If the driver takes no action to slow down or the system detects what it thinks is an unavoidable collision, the Collision Mitigation Braking System will automatically apply the brakes.

Lane watch

This feature includes a camera mounted on the bottom of the passenger side mirror that keeps an eye on what's on your vehicle's right side. Anytime you signal right, the live camera feed will show on the interior display screen so you can see more than just the mirror's view. This camera comes in handy for changing lanes and parallel parking!

Collision warning

A camera located at the top of your front windshield is used to view the road ahead in vehicles equipped with Honda Sensing®. This camera looks for vehicles ahead on the road in relation to your vehicle. Should you be coming up quick on a slower driver or if someone cuts you off, you'll get an audible Forward Collision Warning prompting you to slow down.

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Blind spot system

Blind Spot Information System

You might have noticed this feature on other vehicles on the road as you're passing or waiting at a light. With the Blind Spot Information System feature, your Honda's side view mirrors will illuminate a small icon to alert you that a vehicle is in your blind spot. This feature, a vital part of the Honda Sensing® Suite, uses radar to detect vehicles in the lanes beside your Honda. If a vehicle is in your blind spot zone when your turn signal is on, the system will show a blinking light on the mirror and will audibly alert you until the vehicle is out of your blind spot.

Cross traffic monitor

Cross Traffic Monitor

Backing out of a busy parking lot, dark parking garage, or even your driveway at home can be nerve wrecking. The Cross Traffic Monitor helps to eliminate collisions that can occur in these situations. This feature works in conjunction with the Multi-Angle Rear View Camera to show you what's behind your Honda on the interior display screen, and to alert you audibly when another vehicle is crossing behind you from either side.

Lane departure warning

Lane Departure Warning

If you're a frequent highway driver, this safety feature will come in handy and help you stay in your lane. Whether you get distracted or naturally drift from your lane without your turn signal on, the Lane Departure Warning feature will alert you audibly, allowing you to correct the motion. This system uses a camera located at the top of the front windshield to read the lines of the road and determine which lane your Honda is in.

Lane assists

Lane Keeping Assist System

Lane Keeping Assist works together with the Lane Departure Warning feature in the Honda Sensing® Suite of safety features. When this system detects your vehicle drifting from its lane and you don't correct the drift, the steering wheel will automatically move your vehicle back into the lane. This, along with other features mentioned on this page can be turned on or off at your discretion. We highly recommend enabling this feature on the highway.

Road departure

Road Departure Mitigation System

Similar to the Lane Departure Warning, this system will keep you on the road and within your lane. When the Road Departure Mitigation safety feature detects your vehicle drifting towards the side of the road without a turn signal, the system will alert you with steering wheel vibrations. If the action is not corrected, your steering wheel will nudge your vehicle back into its lane or automatically apply the brakes to keep you from leaving the road completely.

High beam

Auto High-Beam Headlights

This feature, while seemingly simple, can provide you a better view of the road and protect the eyes of other oncoming drivers. When you have your headlights set to the Auto mode, they will automatically adjust based on the surrounding conditions. If there are no oncoming vehicles, determined by the camera at the top of your front windshield, your system will switch to high beams for a brighter view. If a vehicle ahead of your Honda is detected, your lights will automatically switch back to low beams to avoid blinding the other driver!

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Find Honda's Most Advanced Safety in Grandville, MI

When you begin your new vehicle search, innovative and advanced safety features are an important consideration. While other vehicles or brands offer some of these features, the Honda Sensing™ Suite has it all! Not to mention, the majority of new Honda vehicles come with top safety ratings from IIHS and NHTSA. At Serra Honda Grandville (formerly RiverTown Honda), it's our goal to keep you safe on the road and we're proud to offer vehicles of such high standards! If you're ready to start looking at what's available near Grand Rapids, you can begin on our website. We offer plenty of information on each Honda model, as well as updated inventory listings. For any further questions about our current deals, Honda features, etc. don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff at (877) 236-9113 or simply stop by. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership at 4260 Kenowa Ave. SW, Grandville, MI 49418 and to serving our neighbors in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Byron Center, Hudsonville, Georgetown Twp., Holland, and beyond!


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